About All Hands Auto & Marine Detailing

Appropriate maintenance is crucial to preserve your boat’s respectable appearances as well as its worth. Detailing refurbishes and preserves the uncovered surfaces from sun, salt, humidity and lengthens the life of your boat. All Hands Boat Cleaning Service skillfully trained staff offers every inch of your boat the highest care. We use the top value cleansers, polishes and waxes to guarantee your investment is sheltered from the strict conditions it must face while maintaining its showroom gloss. Other boat detailing services will recommend washing and waxing your boat every three months; All Hands Boat Cleaning Services professional care composed with our persistence on using only the premium quality marine products, promises that your boat’s sleek, protecting finish will last for six months. Sustaining your boat is as much about shielding it from the elements as it is about shining it to excellence. At All Hands Boat Cleaning, we make sure both needs are met.

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